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Based in Brighton, UK

Release date:
October 3rd, 2018



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Hordes of Enemies is a pixel art high score indie arcade brawler with 3 main scenes inspired by movies. It’s a simple and very fun pick up and play wave survival game. Game is fully free to play and primarily monetised by rewarded and interstitial video ads. Comes with two scenes locked, both can be unlocked simply by playing to reach required total scores. Players can also choose to unlock with In-app purchase. There is also a No-ads In-app purchase that will remove all non-voluntary ads.


This game is a product of three people with three different nationalities who live in entirely different parts of the world and never physically met in person. Gorgeous pixel art graphics and animations created by Gustavo Viselner. Original music tracks and SFX handled by Stuart Duffield. And finally, game design, programming and UI/UX is the work of Erdener Gönenç. Erdener always wanted to do a game based on something common in most action movies, where a lone hero beats countless enemies. Best example of this and also the main inspiration for the game is "Burly Brawl" fight scene from Matrix Reloaded. But he wasn't sure about the art style until he saw an Kotaku article titled "Why Aren't These Actual Video Games" praising Gustavo's movie based pixel art work. He immediately knew that was it, reached out and luckily Gustavo was available. Graphics of this caliber would need equally good music and sound effects. That’s where Stuart stepped in, who is a gaming industry veteran.


  • Optional Blood Effects
  • ReplayKit support (iOS and tvOS)
  • Game Center support (iOS and tvOS)
  • iCloud support (iOS and tvOS)
  • iMessage Stickers (Animated)
  • Haptic Feedback (on supported devices)
  • Home Screen 3D Quick Actions (on supported devices)
  • iCade and MFi controller support
  • Localized into 12 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional


Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (1MB)

download logo files as .zip (112KB)

About Pixel Envision Limited

Pixel Envision is an independent game studio specializing in the development of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform. We are a husband-wife team that combines years of industry experience, creativity and knowledge to create high-quality casual puzzles, arcade games and apps for kids.

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Hordes of Enemies Credits

Erdener Gönenç
Game Designer, Programmer, UI/UX Designer

Gustavo Viselner
Pixel Art Artist and Animator, Freelancer

Stuart Duffield
Original Music and SFX Designer, Freelancer

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