Coloring Book

Beautiful digital coloring book for kids.

Finger painting fun without all the mess!

Coloring is an excellent way to help kids develop fine motor skills, color recognition, eye-hand coordination and focusing. Our colorbook currently includes 96 beautifully designed coloring pages in 12 different themes as well as 8 blank pages to give children a chance to express themselves.

We’ve been working hard on every detail to create a proper premium colorbook app. Finger Painting Coloring Pages supports multi-touch so your kids can have more fun playing with their siblings and friends. It also has guided paint to keep colors within the lines, you can of course disable that option easily. When an area completely painted kids are awarded with sound & stars. Interface is simplified (no sub-menus) and the brush size automatically adjusts itself depending on the finger speed. It automatically saves your work and shows the actual progress on menu icons.

When finished you can share and print your works by native sharing function, or simply shake the device or tap on menu button to start over with a blank page. If you prefer to color on paper you can also print out blank coloring pages. App size is also extremely optimized, it won’t take too much space on your device even if all the pictures are painted/saved.


  • Kids Safe, please see our Privacy Policy
  • 96 original coloring pages in 12 different themes, plus 8 blank pages
  • 16 colors & 8 patterns, unlike other apps all are free!
  • Color within the lines or turn it off to allow coloring outside the lines
  • Original cartoon art from simple to more difficult drawn by professional children’s book illustrator
  • Multi-touch supported, so the more fingers, the merrier
  • Re-Color anytime, just blank the page to start over by shaking your device
  • Share and print your work or print out blank coloring pages
  • Interface & touch controls specifically designed for kids & toddlers
  • Press & hold buttons limits in-app purchases and sharing access to parents

3rd Party Credits

Children at Play

License Type: Extended License
Artist: John Piscitello
Composer: John Piscitello (ASCAP)
Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS) via Shockwave-Sound.Com Royalty-Free

Sound Effects
This game uses the following sound files from Freesound (

"Pop!.wav" by kwahmah_02
"SFX Magic" by renatalmar
"light switch.wav" by ice9ine
"Chime Glissando" by bone666138
"turning page 2" by supersnd